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2022 is the year to redefine DEI.

From hybrid work to the launch of the metaverse, organizations have been forced to rethink and redefine their diversity, inclusion, and equity commitments and move beyond buzzwords.

Taking place on April 9, Move Beyond the Buzzwords, a DEI Summit, will strive to answer:

“As an MBA student, how can I help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion—in my life and at my future organization?”

Student leaders from six business schools are proud to present this annual MBA summit on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

An illustration of three people in a workplace. One is in a wheelchair; and one is wearing a hijab.

Guiding Principles

Featuring panels, workshops, networking sessions, and powerful keynotes, each day will be broken down into three guiding principles:


What is the business case for DEI? How can individuals and organizations intentionally increase awareness of biases? How does the intersectionality of identities play out?

How can we be more effective as allies and not just bystanders? What roles do individuals in society and as employees play in building a culture of allyship and community? 


What actions can we take to influence change? How can individuals and organizations align their missions to their DEI agendas? 

Participating MBA Programs

Kathryn Webster

“MBA students are the future executives of tomorrow and we have a unique opportunity to create and capture value with these promising leaders.

Harvard Business School

“I am passionate about inclusive leadership, breaking down barriers to equity, and creating spaces where difference is seen as an asset and where people can truly lead as their authentic selves.”

Wharton School


“I was excited by the prospect of leaders from across the top MBA programs in the country coming together to make a difference and wanted to be a part of it.”

Kellogg School of Management

Join us for DEI: Move Beyond the Buzzwords

April 8-9, 2022